About Us

Hi, Nice Person!

SheFeeds has fulfilled a few of my lifelong dreams, which were to be an entrepreneur, to use my creative talents and to help feed the hungry. SheFeeds was born from my own experiences breastfeeding in public and pumping at work. As a manager of over 100 people, time was limited, so I dreamt about having clothing that could accommodate pumping without having to stretch or remove it. I was not ashamed to breastfeed in public, but I found that the nursing clothing that I had didn't provide unencumbered access for my children, which caused stretching and soiling, and yet it exposed too much, which caused me to have to wear a cover that was always a tangled mess. SheFeeds's first patent-pending design, the Butterfly Feeder, not only provides more access for the child, it exposes less of the mother. 

The Butterfly Feeder is not only functional, it's flattering. I was eager to get myself back after having children, which for me meant feeling attractive, but I couldn't find clothing that accentuated my transitioning figure in the right ways.  The wrap design of the Butterfly Feeder accentuates the waist while the long length of the top covers the bottom, so you can live in leggings if you want to. The Butterfly Feeder can be styled to appear casual, e.g. with leggings, or professional, e.g. with dress pants.

As if that's not great enough, SheFeeds has committed to giving 5% of sales to charities that feed hungry children and families globally. I am very grateful for the opportunity to help people through my designs and charitable donations and to build a business that helps support my family.

-Bonnie Korte, Founder of SheFeeds LLC